Naëve was born from the instinctive desire to escape the daily routine, breaking the rules in search of happiness on our own terms and questioning ourselves with self irony, which in such a hectic, competitive society, is the only way to survive. The name originates from the combination of the term “naïf” and that almost childish ingenuity of looking at things for the first time with endearing excitement, and “Eve” like restarting from the beginning.

Naëve is a modern Alice in Wonderland. She is the innocent eyes of a child that sees the world with optimism in spite of everything. Naëve’s music is unbelievably unique and impossible to categorise into any genre.


 Influenced by Aretha Franklin (her absolute muse when it comes to singing), Janis Joplin, Stevie Wonder, Chuck Berry, Amy Winehouse, Freddy Mercury (whose solo single “Living on My Own” was the first song she remembers rabidly consuming as a kid ), James Brown, Patti Labelle, the Supremes, Screamin'Jay Hawkins, Big Mama Thornton,

Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Mahalia Jackson, Elvis Presley,

Billie Holiday,  Nina Simone, John Lee Hooker and many others.


Her songs sublimely incorporate soul, Motown,

Old School R&B, rockabilly, rock'n roll, Gospel, Swing Jazz, Blues and much more.